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Sunday, May 29, 2011


   We as laptop users, of course, wanted the durability of the components that exist on our laptop. Among the components, the battery is one that needs our care. For that, this time I will share information about an application that can monitor the durability and health of the laptop battery. This application is Battery Care. This application can monitor the battery information in detail to the resilience of the used battery. Understandably, the battery also has a duration of endurance, so that we can determine if controlled time when to replace the battery.
    Monitoring temperature of the processor and hard drive are also available in this application. This facility gives a warning if there is a time temperature conditions that allow a laptop innards become problematic. Automatic power switching facility plans also available. Its function is to change the laptop directly to the input power by adjusting the energy source that we use: plug wire or battery. On the Windows Vista platform, this application will set the Aero function automatically adjusts the laptop battery. When the battery is automatically minimal Aero turned off.

To download batterycary click here.

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