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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


   Photoscape is a free software that you can use to cultivate and enhance your photos orimages. In addition to offering the features of "basic" as the regulator of contrast (darkor light) or sharpen (to sharpen the colors in the photo), Photoscape also be used to add a frame (frame) on the photo. There are dozens of types of bingkat that you can choose.
   Photoscape also equipped with filters, for example, Film Effect, Antique Photo, LensFlare, Texture, Pictorialization, and dozens of other filters. With these filters you canmake your photos more interesting, antique or even funny.
   You can also combine or unite with Photoscape this photo. You can just drag and dropthe photos you want to merge and resize the photos if necessary.

To download the latest Photoscape click here.

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